Justice Demands Attention

James Dowley & Associates believes
that Justice Demands Attention

JDA is committed to taking every step needed to fight for justice for our clients. We have outlined the following steps that we take in order to give your matter the attention justice demands.

Criminal Lawyers
Who Act Quickly

Our 24 hour, 7 days a week advice hotline means we can help immediately and you can call us any time for urgent advice.

  • We commit to the demands of justice by acting quickly
  • We provide our expert attention to cases without unnecessary delay
  • We are ready to take immediate and fast action to fight for justice in your case
  • The size of our team means we can be there whenever you need us

Criminal Lawyers
Who Are Accessible

We can attend court in any part of Victoria and interstate if required. Find out more about our locations.

  • We commit to the demands of justice by being accessible
  • You can find us at four locations across Melbourne – no matter where you are, we are ready to assist
  • Our 24 hour advice hotline, open 7 days a week, is part of our action to meet the demands of justice for our clients
  • Our commitment to justice includes being easy to access at every stage of a matter
  • If you need urgent advice you can call us right now on (03) 9781 4900

Criminal Lawyers
Who Guide You

Our lawyers understand the fear and confusion you might be experiencing. Especially if this is the first time you’re going through something like this or you are unsure of what to do.

  • We commit to the demands of justice by guiding you
  • We help our clients understand every step
  • We listen and provide you with easy to understand information and advice
  • We ensure JDA clients do not feel confused

Criminal Lawyers
Who Fight Hard

We strive to ensure your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

  • We commit to the demands of justice by fighting hard
  • Our expert criminal defence lawyers fight hard at every stage of your matter
  • We run appeals and carry out urgent work with a view to achieving the best possible result
Criminal Lawyers
Who Are Experts

We commit to the demands of justice by having a team of experts. Our team is comprised of three Law Institute of Victoria accredited criminal lawyers as well as several other solicitors with 10+ years’ experience.

Our criminal defence lawyers are experts in handling a full range of criminal law matters in the:

  • Magistrates’ Court
  • County Court
  • Supreme Court
  • High Court
  • Children’s Court
  • Victorian Court of Appeal

We also act in quasi-criminal proceedings such as Licence Restorations and matters heard in Racing and Disciplinary Tribunals.

Find out more about our team .

Criminal Lawyers
Who Represent Everyone

We commit to the demands of justice by acting to ensure everybody can access the expert criminal law assistance they need.

  • We believe everyone deserves access to justice and quality legal representation
  • We provide a high level of expert criminal law advice and representation to all of our clients
  • We help both private clients and those eligible for funding assistance through Victoria Legal Aid
  • Our position as a preferred provider and panel firm of Victoria Legal Aid reflects our longstanding commitment to fairness and justice for everyone

We have a strong reputation as a team of criminal law experts that fight hard for justice for our clients.

When Justice Demands Attention,
you need James Dowsley & Associates.

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