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James Dowsley & Associates specialises in defending
all types of criminal offences.

Our team prides itself on safeguarding the rights of our clients and upholding the principles of fairness and justice within the criminal law system.

  • James Dowsley and his team believe everybody deserves the right to a fair, unbiased trial
  • We do everything in our power to ensure that all of our clients’ rights are exercised and protected
  • Our firm believes everyone deserves access to the best defence solicitors available
  • We are a member of the Victoria Legal Aid Section 29A Panel
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With four offices across Melbourne, we offer legal services for all kinds of criminal law matters. Find out more about our expert team or book an appointment with a criminal defence lawyer or solicitor today.

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We are constantly looking for skilled and passionate people to join our criminal law firm. We also periodically welcome those who wish to complete placement at one of our four office locations.

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Our History

James Dowsley & Associates became the first law firm specialising in criminal law in Frankston in 2007.

It is also the largest law firm of its kind in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs.

Today, the firm is comprised of three Law Institute of Victoria accredited criminal lawyers, as well as several other solicitors with 10+ years’ experience.

We have four offices across Melbourne, and are continually expanding.

Our highly trained defence team represents clients in all levels of criminal law including matters heard in the Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Supreme Court, High Court of Australia, Children’s Court and the Court of Appeal.

Dear Kim,

Thank you for a truly wonderful outcome for my daughter [anonymous].

Your professionalism was outstanding and I honestly appreciated everything you did for [anonymous].

Hi Shaana & Stacey,

Just a few lines to thank you both for your professional services relating to [anonymous] criminal charges etc. The outcome was beyond my expectations, we are all extremely happy and relieved!


Why Choose an Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyer?

The Law Institute of Victoria’s Accredited Specialist Badge is not a “paid for” membership badge. Accredited Specialisation needs to be earned, and needs to be maintained every year. The LIV has set the requirements for Accredited Specialisation to ensure that:

“Practitioners who are accredited as a specialist are recognised as having an enhanced skill level, as well as substantial involvement in established legal specialty areas.

The LIV requires such specialists to demonstrate superior knowledge, experience and proficiency in a particular area of law to ensure that recognition as an accredited specialist is meaningful and reliable.”

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