At James Dowsley and Associates we are experts at representing people in all Victorian jurisdictions – Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Supreme Court.  We are also experienced in matters that are dealt with in the High Court of Australia.

Our lawyers represent our clients, on a daily basis, in various courts around Victoria, and in a variety of proceedings, including :

  • High Court and Court of Appeal
  • County Court appeals against conviction and sentence


  • Supreme Court trials
  • County Court trials
  • Magistrates’ Court contested hearings

Committal Hearings
Plea Hearings

  • Supreme Court plea hearings
  • County Court plea hearings
  • Magistrates’ Court plea hearings

Bail Applications

  • Supreme court
  • County Court
  • Magistrates’ Court
Our Lawyers assist clients with matter in the Magistrates Court....
Our criminal defence solicitors are highly experienced in matters dealt with in the County Court of Victoria.
...and in the Supreme Court too...

Our experienced lawyers represent clients charged with a variety of offences, including, but not limited to..

Violent offences / Offences causing injury or death

•    Murder
•    Manslaughter
•    Culpable Drive
•    Dangerous Driving Causing Death
•    Intentionally Causing Serious Injury
•    Recklessly Causing Serious Injury
•    Intentionally Causing Injury
•    Recklessly Causing Injury
•    Gross Violence
•    Assault

Sexual Offences

•    Rape
•    Sexual Penetration of a child
•    Child Pornography offences
•    Willful and Obscene Exposure

Dishonesty and Property Offences

•    Armed Robbery
•    Robbery
•    Burglary
•    Theft
•    Fraud
•    Obtain Property By Deception
•    Criminal Damage


Drug Offences

•    Trafficking Drugs
•    Cultivate a drug of dependence
•    Possess a Drug of Dependence

Offences Against the Person

•    Family Violence offences (including breach of Intervention Order, Stalking)
•    Kidnapping
•    Threat to kill
•    Stalking

Driving Offences

•    Culpable Driving
•    Dangerous Driving Causing Death / Serious Injury
•    Drive manner dangerous
•    Speeding
•    Reckless Conduct Endangering Life / Serious Injury
•    Drink Driving
•    Drug Driving

We are also experienced in Perin court matters (fines and sheriffs office matters) and, where appropriate, can assist in making an application for a partial discharge of fines where Special Circumstances Exist.

Commonwealth Offences

•    Fraud – Centrelink charges
•    Drug Offences – importation and exportation
•    Use Communication Device to menace / harass
•    People smuggling
•    Conspiracy