Legal Aid

Legal Aid is a government run service that helps people with their legal problems. In some cases our clients are eligible for funding assistance to help them cover the costs of legal representation. You might be eligible also.

Not all private law firms take on legal aid cases. We do.

We are the third largest provider of legal aid grants of assistance in Victoria.

James Dowsley and Associates have a long standing commitment to ensuring everybody has equitable access to justice, the legal system, and outstanding, quality representation. We will strive to ensure that your rights are protected.

As a member of the Victoria Legal Aid Section 29A Panel, James Dowsley and Associates is among Victoria Legal Aid’s preferred law firms.

The firm’s specialist criminal defence lawyer James Dowsley is highly regarded in the field, standing as an executive member of the Law Institute of Victoria and has been co-chair of the Criminal Law Section at the organisation.

Lawyer James Dowsley in front of the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Find Out If You Could Be Eligible

To find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid Funding contact us using this form. We can assist you in determining your eligibility as well as providing the necessary information/forms for applying for the legal funding.

Legal Aid Eligibility
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