Family Violence & Intervention Orders

Have You received an Intervention Order or Been Charged with a Family Violence Offence in Victoria?

We have put together a brief overview of Family Violence Offences & Intervention Orders. For more information on this matter you can visit or you call us for advice at any time, our phone line is open 24 hours a day. We have a dedicated team of IVO Lawyers who solely do work with our family violence/ivo clients.

Important Information

Having an Intervention Order taken out against you does not mean you will automatically have a Criminal Record. However, if you break the conditions of an Intervention order the police can charge you with a criminal offence. We recommend you get advice from our dedicated Family Violence & IVO team as soon as possible. They can be contacted in our CBD Office on 03 8602 1400. For our CBD Office address click here.

You can call us for advice about urgent criminal matters 24 hours a day on 03) 9781 4900

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